Game Dev Night

February 09, 2017

Dylan will be demonstrating game development using Unity and Blender, and all are welcome to work on their own game projects and share their pools of knowledge.

Attending - Dylan, Billy, and Jay.

Dylan has created a small scale game to show the basics of how unity works. It features an indy car driving on a track. This showcases how to apply physics and assets to a video game environment.

Dylan is also working on game called Alien Empire, which features battling spaceships. He is showing his progress so far, such as the AI he has programmed, button mapping, differences in weaponry, physics, etc. The game is still in the early stages of development, and Dylan is working on teaching himself Unity. Call it a labor of love. It is coming together quite well though. :)

Class has ended, and Dylan and Jay are working together on tweaking some of the assets in the game. Billy is now going to work on designing some vector assets for the game, such as a logo, menus, HUD, etc. Until next time ladies and gents.