Meeting Minutes

May 11, 2017



No newbs. :(

Announcements and Events:

Dylan’s company is hosting Terminus again this year. He spoke to the director about counterpoint sponsoring a board game section - for free. We need to make shirts this year, and make sure we have enough stickers to give way. Propaganda and stuff.

Billy will talk to work about the potential of donating some shirts(30 or 40?). Otherwise, we need to check the budget to see what we can afford.

At the next DUI(doodling under the influence), We may do a make and take with Perler beads. Pixel art FTW! :D


No new members


Probably between $2100 or $2500(we do not have it in front of us at the moment). Cash flow positive baby!


Luke is going to put in a sticker order tomorrow. We need moar for Terminus($29 for 50. If it can stack, we will do 100).


Dylan is trying to learn new songs.
Billy is addicted to Final Fantasy XIV. MMOs ruin lives kids.
We should make more sticker designs
We need a cork board

Cheers ladies and gents!