October 05, 2016

Everyone is welcome to participate in Counterpoint, so what does being a member actually mean? Membership is something different. It is a constructive and committed relationship with Counterpoint's mission and an active effort to help us succeed in our pursuit of that mission.

Members participate in decision making through our consensus process, ensuring that how quickly and the means by which we get there are directly representative of the needs of the people who inhabit the space.

Becoming a member is pretty straightforward.

  1. Start attending member meetings (everyone is welcome)!
  2. If you feel passionate about what we are doing and want to help, ask an existing member to sponsor you.
  3. Create a member profile.
  4. At the next meeting, if nobody holds any principled objections, you are a member!
  5. Login to your profile and set up a payment method for member dues.