Year In Review: 2016

February 02, 2017

Happy belated new year, comrades! It's time again to recap our progress.

If you remember the last Year In Review, you'll remember that 2015 was all about getting organized. Since then, we have accomplished the goals we set out for the next year. Here's what we have accomplished:

We are very excited to continue to organize and grow this community. As of right now, the following is our regular event schedule (which is always kept up-to-date on our events page).

General Meetings: Thursdays, Bi-weekly

Every other week, we hold a general meeting for newcomers to come and learn about what we are doing at the space. These meetings also serve the purpose of making announcements, giving the financial report, reaching member consensus on any proposals, and general discussion.

Peer-to-Beer: Second Wednesday, Monthly

One part technical demonstration, two parts discussion, three parts beer, and a splash of radical politics. Once per month we bring the brews and learn about various distributed systems; how they work and why they are important for a free society.

Counter Surveillance: Second Tuesday, Monthly

"It's dangerous to go alone, take this..." is the anthem of our monthly counter-surveillance class. Come and learn about how to protect yourself both online and in the flesh. These meetings start by defining a threat model, followed by hands on demonstration of a specific tool for protecting yourself and open discussion.